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You make me so happy. I can’t stop talking about you with my friends, my family, even friends I haven’t spoken to in a while.

You appeared in a moment when the world was falling apart. …

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Magazines and cell phones are the loyal entertainment at this particular place. They never disappoint and, sometimes, they make us stay there longer. I always struggle with the number of books I read in a year and I realized that toilet time could be useful for this purpose.

So, instead…

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Writer (W): I have this idea about a story of a grand daughter and her grandpa but I still need some details to make it interesting, yet I think I could write a general idea of what it could be and keep it for later.

Editor (E): Sure, tell me…

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I think about you often, more than you could ever imagine.

I want to meet you, I want to hug you and never let you go. I’ve heard a lot about you, I’ve seen you through other people and I can’t wait another day to get to you.

I have…

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When a person decides to study or work in the fashion industry usually has a story behind it that comes from wanting to create, knowing how to sew, experiment with fabrics, express through patterning and movement, or want to create a style.

To achieve all that, one must study and…

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When the inspiration’s gone, when you’re tired and wish for a helpful hand, books are the best option to unpause the lack of interest in continuing your work.

Because, as we have heard before from designers and writers, if we create/write only when we’re inspired, we will write/create very little.

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We could create a debate about which designer is better than whom and why they are different.
But I bring you a list of 10 designers that are so simple in their creativity that trying to understand them is next to impossible. Yet, one can instantly connect with their creations…

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To volunteer takes courage. The first filters are the judgments of people around you, criticism everywhere, advice you never asked, and get questioned if you are the right fit to live something like that. But the reward is priceless.

It pleases all human shapes: personal, spiritual, and creative. Unknown places…

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I was the lonesome girl, an introvert, a person with very few friends, so to have a best friend was extra challenging for me. …

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First meetings are excited, with much expectation, fun, informal, and, most of the time, disappointing. It’s prevalent that the only thing the team does is brainstorming and probably a budget plan. But when the meeting ends, you’ll probably ask the specifics that no one has an answer.

It’s a matter…

Fatima Martinez

Mexican fashion designer, sustainability lover, learner; I enjoy to write about fashion and dreams, and I love my morning coffee and my skin care routine.

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